JavaWallet is a checkbook and finance utility to store, maintain and display transactions and information about your accounts. Items such as bank
and financial institution names, account numbers, payments, deposits, balances, splits, securities, number of shares and contact information.
The Following files can be created when new Accounts are opened: The asterisks ("***") in the file names stand for the account number.
The "zzJWPayee.nm" file is where the names of payees and payers are saved.
Additional optional files can also be set up from the File Menu options: The question marks ("???") stand for a chosen identifier (Example USA for Social Security: zzJW#USAP.csv).

Appropriate dialogs prompt as needed for data used to populate the above files.

Reasons to use this personal financial record keeping and tracking utility:
A donation is required to download JavaWallet.
  (On the first download click, a Paypal prompt shows what happens next.)

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